We are a different construction company.

The bio builders are an environmentally conscious and future-oriented construction company. Our vision is to offer buildings with materials that biogenically bind carbon dioxide during its growth period and during the existence of the building. We are flexible in the selection of everything from manufacturing process and materials to finished building concepts where naturally existing products are used to the extent possible. In order to achieve this, we have set up production lines to improve the process and offer environmental self-building principles in contract form with modern quality assurance. We strive to contribute to a change in how we people see the construction and consumption of materials and wants to contribute to a prosperous society and the utilization of nature's ecosystem services in general. Housing and living solutions that are sound and sustainable in both an environmental, We see economic and social plan as a key factor in this. We are inspired by nature's principles where matter is created from and returns to the earth without harmful waste and wants to raise awareness of the cycles that pass through our buildings today to create modern sustainable building systems based on bio-based materials.