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A construction company that puts sustainability first.

Are you planning to erect a building but worried about the environmental impact of your project?
Do you want help to create your dream home, with less emissions and less toxic materials in the construction?
Are you planning to renovate, and want to discard the old ways of toxic and hazardous building materials?

We can help you build environmentally friendly, sustainable and healthy buildings.
Houses built with modern technology, designed with inspiration and innovation, built with innovation and knowledge.
With natural materials, used in modern ways, there is no difference in the finished result.
But it does nature and future generations.

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Who are we

Biobyggarna väst AB is a company with the foundations of carpentry & crafts, and with many years of practical experience. We develop building systems for insulating purposes where cellulose-based materials in the form of fibers or Biokalk mix. Construction solutions of long-term climate-neutral building materials from wooden frames to packed clay walls of local shaft waste Different surface layers in the form of clay pits on walls and floors can also be offered. Our goal is to develop production methods and technically verify less established materials in the Swedish construction market.

For Companys and authoritys

Biobyggarna väst AB offer advice and training in bio-based building materials and construction processes. Are you interested in your building project storing more biogenic coal during its existence, which is called CO2-negative buildings? We can help with material descriptions for innovative and alternative waste materials how these react in Swedish climate. The bio-builders have knowledge of the murders and internationally known environmental certification programs, but we are not content with choosing between ecosystem services and low-energy buildings. We are committed to competence and a genuine interest in carrying out work with modern bio-based natural materials? Do you need advice in green construction or do you want to meet higher environmental criteria than what is set by LEED, BREEAM, Swan and GreenBuilding? We can optimize certification programs with all the parameters you desire, for the best environmentally friendly solution, in each unique project.

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